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    What Are The Biggest Tires For A Stock Jeep Grand Cherokee?

    The biggest tires you could put on a stock Jeep Grand Cherokee vary by year. Jeep introduced this vehicle in 1993 and the manufacturer has varied the tire specifications each year since. Within each year, the tire size also varies according to the trim level of the vehicle. Typically, the largest diameter of tires you can put on a Jeep Grand Cherokee ranges from 30- to 33-inches in diameter, but earlier years chose much smaller tires than that. That’s the largest tire without cutting the […] More

  • Clean Car, Dirty Tires? What Is The Best Tire Shine?

    Tire shine is often overlooked when detailing a car, or just washing it in your driveway. It is a specialized product that does one thing very well. A high gloss tire shine will do its job fantastically every time. You can pay $250 for a great car detail that will make your car look new for months through rain and sun. But you may get the car back with those same faded looking tires. Those cars coming off the wash line that look a cut […] More

  • Falken Wildpeak M/T Tire Review – New For 2021

    Tires make one of the most important aspects of any vehicle. You cannot drive around a vehicle smoothly without good tires. But when it comes to off-roading, you need tires that are designed to take the heat. The off-roading performance of a tire can make or break its sale. Having the best quality tire on the trail doesn’t only give you a great experience, but can also help you out of a sticky situation. Falken’s all-new re-engineered Falken Mud Terrain is the counterpart to Wildpeak A/T3W. It […] More

  • Do I Have To Get New Tires With New Rims?

    If you are buying new tires, or if you found a deal on some ties that don’t exactly fit your wheels, you may be able to get away with buying a different set than your originals. As long as you stay within certain measurements, mount the same sized radius tire and wheel, and put the same sized wheels on each size, you will be completely fine. There are reasons to change your tire size, but as long as they are close, go for it! I’ll […] More

  • Are Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 Tires Any Good?

    Mickey Thompson Deegan tires are US-made, high-quality tires that are on the upper end of price and quality. Overall the brand is made by Max-Trac Tire Co since 1962 by the man himself, Mickey Thompson racing legend and this includes Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 tires. Mickey Thompson was a legend and hall of famer. From being the first Yankee to pass 400 MPH, to winning multiple drag racing titles, to forming SCORE and being one of the most influential racing minds in the sport until […] More

  • How To Rotate 4×4 Tires?

    4×4 tire rotation is a safety measure that must be performed. There are defined formats on how and how often to do it. Especially, because the tires of 4×4 vehicles must overcome obstacles and irregularities of the terrain. Therefore, the first recommendation is to use the 4×4 tires indicated by the vehicle manufacturer. In any case, according to the activity carried out with the vehicle, tires of different dimensions are usually fitted on the front and rear axles. This can generate problems in 4×2 drive […] More

  • Are BFG KO2 Worth The Money?

    Are BFG KO2 Worth The Money?

    If you’ve been on the lookout for a new pair of tires for your truck, then you might want to think about installing BFGKO2 tires on your car. These tires are designed to offer the ideal amount of grip in all kinds of weather conditions. With BFGKO2 tires, you will have the confidence that you can handle driving in any sort of weather. The truth is that many drivers buy a less expensive tire that does not hold up to the job they need it […] More

  • What Is The Safest Tire Brand?

    The question of what is the safest tire brand is a common one. With so many options available, many customers can get confused as to which brand is the safest for their particular situation. If you have a situation where you need a certain type of tire, it can be confusing as to which manufacturer will offer you the safest options. Here is what you need to know. All tires are made from two materials. There are the rubber and the plastic. Each type of […] More

  • Can I Put Hubcaps Over My Rims


    Can I Put Hubcaps Over My Rims?

    Putting hubcaps on your car is among the most common question that automobile owners often ask. Hubcaps are caps that fit over the first tire’s rim. They’re made from different materials like steel, aluminum, plastic, and chrome. They are normally permanent; meaning you can’t remove them when they are put on your vehicle. Hubcaps protect the car’s wheels. This is because without it, the wheels will be scratched or even lose their grip. Hubcaps also cover the radiators and tires. They stop the heat from […] More

  • Are Tire Wheels And Rims The Same Thing?

    Most people have heard the expression “tire rims and wheels” and assumed that it refers to the same product. Are tire wheels and rims the same thing? The answer is no. Although both terms may appear to be similar, they are in reality quite different. A wheel is a spindle-shaped device that has several flat surfaces on its surface. The term “wheel” is typically used to refer to any one of those surfaces. There are various kinds of wheels that are available to consumers. For […] More

  • How Much Does It Cost To Put A Tire On The Rim?

    How far does it cost to place a tire on a rim? This is 1 question that a lot of people have trouble replying. In actuality, a lot of people just laugh when you mention that the word “tub”.  However, these are really quite important questions to ask. What is the true price of replacing a wheel? How far is it really going to cost to repair or replace a wheel? Of course, you want to find out what type of rim you need before […] More

  • Why Do New Car Tires Wear Out So Fast?

    Buying a new car will get you brand new tires. They com straight the manufacturer without a scratch on them. You can be the first to actually wreck them! Burn outs and drifting or whatever thrills you. But are they the best tires? Are they even decent tires? Or does it seem like they wear out too fast and you are already headed to the buy some new tires without putting more than a few thousand miles on your car? They may seem like it […] More

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