Is CrossWind A Good Tire Brand?

CrossWind is a brand of tires that many consumers are interested in. Crosswind’s goal is to provide drivers with quality tires at affordable prices. The company has been around for over 15 years, but it only recently entered the US market.

There are some reviews about these tires on the internet, and they seem pretty positive overall. Another thing I found was that there have not been any recalls for this particular tire yet so you know you’re getting a good product!

Crosswind also has other types of tires for your car, truck, or SUV! I think the kind you should purchase depends on what you will be using it for.

If you’re unsure, check out their website to find out which tire helps suit your vehicle best! Crosswind didn’t have any recalls so you can feel confident buying these tires.

Does CrossWind Make Good Tires?

Crosswind tires are not on the same level as premium competition, but they’re still pretty good. Each tire comes with a treadwear warranty which is great for preserving your investment and peace of mind! I purchased a set of CrossWinds for my truck and so far they have been quiet, smooth, responsive, and grippy. Would I recommend them to a friend? Yes!

The Good

Low Prices, Durable and long-lasting tires.

The Bad

Not as grippy as more expensive brands like Nitto or Toyo.

Tire wear

These tires are really good when it comes to tread life, I got about 30k out of my last set.


They’re not as quiet as more expensive competition but Crosswinds are still very quiet tires.


The rubber compound in these tires is excellent, I have never skidded or lost control with these on.


Crosswinds are a great option if you want to save money on your rims but don’t compromise performance!

Who Makes CrossWind?

The Linglong Company is a tire manufacturer with four primary brands including CrossWinds. One of these, Shandong Linglong Co Ltd., has its headquarters in China.

It produces CrossWind tires for many different models worldwide sourced from both domestic production as well as international suppliers like Indonesia or Thailand where labor rates are lower than they would otherwise be if all work were taken place domestically.

Click here for the full history of Linglong tires.

What Ply Are CrossWind AT Tires?

CrossWind AT tires are 10 Ply.

Are CrossWind Tires Quiet?

Yes, most CrossWind tires that are made for on-road driving are at the same level of comfort and noise as their competitors. Overall the brand produces quiet tires.

Most people who have purchased these tires needed them for their car, SUV, truck, or other on-road vehicles. They found that the ride was smooth and the tires were quiet. There are very few problems that occur with CrossWind tires; usually, an individual’s tire pressure is too high or low causing abnormal noises.

Main Takeaways – CrossWind Tires Quality

Most people who have purchased these tires found that the tread life was much longer than other brands.

These are all great things to have in a tire brand, but unfortunately, when people go off-road with their CrossWinds they quickly realize there are problems. The tires were not created for off-road use so it doesn’t matter if you purchase an on-road or off-road version, they are both the same.

For the most part, people who have owned CrossWinds have used them for two years before needing new ones. This happens with most brands of tires so Crosswind is not at fault.

The pros and cons of this brand are all based on what you plan to use them for. If you are looking for a smooth ride and long tread, they are an excellent choice.

However, if you need to drive off-road or even on dirt roads, we would not suggest using these tires; there are much better choices out there that will suit your needs.

CrossWind tires have a lot of great qualities that make them an attractive option for drivers in the market for new tires. They are affordable, available at many different retailers and they offer a warranty against punctures.

There’s not much to dislike about this brand!

The only question is one you need to answer on your own – do these features outweigh the fact that you can’t buy them online? If so, head out to your local retailer and try some on today!

The CrossWind carries a warranty against punctures for up to 36 months. This is a great extra security blanket that you just don’t get with some other brands, and it may be enough to ease your mind and convince you to go with this brand over another one.

The CrossWind is available everywhere there are high-quality tires for sale – so if the retailer you want to shop at doesn’t carry them, you should be able to go somewhere else and get a pair of these tires.

This is a great advantage for this brand – not many companies can claim that they’re available everywhere, as most stores only carry the brands that they can make the highest margin on.

Everyone needs new tires now and then. In fact, as a driver, you probably need new tires at least once every few years. You don’t have to buy your CrossWinds from the same retailer where you got them last time, though – this brand is available just about everywhere.