Why Do New Car Tires Wear Out So Fast?

Buying a new car will get you brand new tires. They com straight the manufacturer without a scratch on them. You can be the first to actually wreck them! Burn outs and drifting or whatever thrills you.

But are they the best tires? Are they even decent tires?

Or does it seem like they wear out too fast and you are already headed to the buy some new tires without putting more than a few thousand miles on your car? They may seem like it but do new car tires wear out fast?

new car tires wear out

What Does OEM Stand For In Tires?

With most things we buy as consumers there are OEM Parts. Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are how your car or truck will come straight from the factory. All parts from the factory are OEM. If you change anything on your vehicle that part is not OEM.

Of course, you can buy direct replacement or OEM parts. If you go to your local Toyota or Jeep dealer, they will more than likely have a parts shop located directly next to the repairs. There you can order OEM parts that are the exact same as the parts that came off the line when you vehicle rolled off the factory floor.

new car tires wear out

OEM is synonymous with direct replacement. If it says “OEM” then you can rest assured it will fit exactly the same as the part that came with your vehicle. OEM parts are great and will give you exactly what you need. But sometimes you want a change. So you will have to look for parts that may be slightly different. There we have to check the aftermarket.

Are OEM Wheels Better Than Aftermarket Wheels?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) wheels will be cheap and ugly. Unless you pay for premium wheels you will not be impressed by the standard wheels that come with your vehicle. So if you are looking for aftermarket wheels you will be pleasantly surprised with the options available. There are hundreds if not thousands of options to choose from.

You will be limited by the size of your vehicle and the traction. So if you have a Honda Civic you will not be able to put on some 22 inch rims. It simply is not physically possible. A Civic has 4 spokes, and for larger wheels you will need 5 spokes.

Also the wheel well will not support that size without heavy modifications. And you will need to add some serious horse power to make it worthwhile to move the huge wheels you proudly bought.

There are specific wheels that will provide excellent use for very specific situations. For example, if you are off roading and rock climbing, you will want to use beadlock wheels. Beadlocks are specifically designed for slow and rocky terrain.

new car tires wear out

If you have a Toyota Supra and you want to put the wides wheels you can on your beast for some track day fun, your stock wheels will be of little use. You will be sliding all over the track with those stock 16″ x 8″ wheels.

It all depends on your needs. OEM wheels will not be better than aftermarket wheels if you have any specific need that includes, specific function i.e. slicks, off roading fun, or looks i.e. large rims or spree style rims.

Why Are OEM Tires So Bad?

OEM tires are not the best tires because they are bought with the idea of being used temporarily and discarded. So the OEMs tend to buy cheaper tires that will give you the feeling of confidence to buy the car.

So do OEM tires wear faster? OEM tires seem to wear faster. It really depends on the brand though. But if you compare a premium tire that was bought on the aftermarket versus an OEM tire you will find that the OEM tire wears faster.

Much faster.

new car tires wear out

They will last thousands of miles. But they are the equivalent of budget or used tires for the most part. Assume tires will need to be replaced within the first 6 months to year after purchase date.

Do OEM Tires Have A Warranty?

Yes, OEM tires are covered under warranty. But it depends on the manufacturer. More than likely OEM or factory tires will have a separate warranty that is honored by the tire maker. So if you have a vehicle warranty the tires will not be included unless there are extreme circumstances.

Since tires are designed to last for 30,000-50,000 miles your vehicles warranty will exclude tires warranty. You will have be able to file a claim through the tires manufacturer, though its warranty would not include much and you will more than likely be denied unless there is a glaring defect resulting from the manufacturer’s negligence.

new car tires wear out

Buying a new car is exciting and it should be. It is a large purchase that few people make in their lifetime. So when you drive it off the lot, assume the tires are waiting to pop or wear out within the weekend. Ok, now that is an exaggeration.

But it still is within the realm of reason. So when you buy a car, look to spend money on new tires as soon as you need to change its first oil.

Written by Mud Flap

Hi, I'm Ryne Sweeney, or, Mud Flap. I am a dedicated truck enthusiast. I like to argue about how Dodges are expensive pieces of metal and how Tesla will rule the world by 2030. One day I will start showering daily inside the house. My nights are long and my days are muddy.

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