Hercules Strong Guard HTL Tire Review

Hercules offers many commercial truck tires. With so many options, where do you start? What do you need? What is the best way to make a choice? Read on for the Hercules commercial truck tires info and reviews. They offer tires for semi-trucks, tractors & farm equipment, and trailers. Models for semi-trucks are the Strong Guard and the H-Series.

The Strong Guard HTL:

  • A wide shoulder 5 ribbed tire means uniform tire wear and a stronger tire laterally.
  • The tread depth of 14/32″ means fewer stones stuck in the tire for an easier retread.
  • Strong Guards have “step stair” indicators that notify the driver of any nonuniform tread wear that can prevent a potential blowout.
  • Active silica integrated tread means you get a lower cost per mile with longer tread life with better tire performance.

A user that has years of experience with the HTL, P. Mooter, says:

“I’ve put 16K miles on them… They are rock solid tires, give you a great ride, very high carrying capacity and I highly recommend them for… my 1997 32′ Rexhall RexAir class A RV…and I am considering hopping in the RV here in Spokane and driving down to Florida during this COVID-19 ‘fun’ and I have no hesitation driving on 6 year old tires.”

The price range bleeds into more household names. So it is hard to take the plunge when there is such little information compared to Michelin or Hankook.


But sentiments are great. There are deals with these tires where you can save a lot of money. Because let’s face it these vehicles will always need a monetary investment. Saving a little bit more here and there will go a long way in the long run.

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Written by Mud Flap

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