What Is The Best Time To Buy Tires?

A lot of people think that they can get the best deal on tires by buying them in January. However, this isn’t always true, and there are many factors to consider when deciding what time of year is best for you.  The type of tire makes a huge difference, so be sure to find out all about your options before making any decisions.

What’s more, winter weather affects how quickly tires wear down during the season – so it’s important to buy new ones before the snow starts flying! You might also want to wait until after Tax Season if you’re looking for maximum savings; most people will want their cars ready for summertime driving conditions.

There are plenty of other things to factor in as well – like whether or not you have enough time to wait for shipping if you opt for online or phone orders. Moreover, how many miles do you drive each year? Mileage factors into tire replacement as well, so the more often your tires are worn out, the sooner you’ll need to replace your tires.

Waiting until April or October will get you the best time to buy tires. In general, buying them during this time period will save you money and give you high quality. If your area experiences similar weather to the rest of the country, then March and November should also be good months for purchasing.

January and December can be acceptable as well if you’re looking for specific brand names or need to buy a set of tires right away. If you buy tires during the off-season, you’ll definitely get good tire deals – but it’s also possible to find great bargains in the summertime.

For example, December through February is typically considered high tire season because many people will be replacing their old stock with new models.

When Is The Best Time To Buy Tires (To Save The Most Money)

My brother is an electrician, he helped me find a deal on the top-of-the-range wheels. He showed me the ins and outs of looking at the tire size and told me about the best time for new tires.

Tires are a necessity.

Keeping them in good shape can help keep you and the family safely on the road. When purchasing new tires it’s often more difficult to put in a purchase decision which will save you valuable time and help you protect your car.

Since I did so because I had a good experience I decided to share with you the best means for finding great deals for used tires regardless of the price and season.

When a tire failure sparked my desire to buy the next four tires I learned many valuable lessons. I spent last week doing a LOT of self-quarantine. But having delayed my grocery shopping by so much that I couldn’t wait any longer, I felt forced to start buying food.

And so I did. When I climbed out of the parking lot a feisty toddler was released from his dad and ran out from behind my car. In something that cannot be described as a super social distancing, I strayed swerving and finally ran my right tire to the curb.

In the U.S. the tire value will reach $78 billion by 2023. It means there is extensive competition for tire sellers that means amazing tire deals for you. In this post, Lauren Bennett explains why it’s the best time to buy tires and how to get the best sales when you buy wheels when you first get them.

The tire market of the US will increase by almost 2bn over the next 20 years, almost double the size of other developed countries. You also want to buy them when you can find the best cars.

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy Tires?

As a general rule, the best time of year to buy tires is in the winter months. This is when roads are at their worst and in need of new tires, so buying these kinds of tires during this time will save money in the long run because it is when they are most expensive.

On average, rain tires cost $30 more dollars per tire in October than they do in June, according to TireRack. Because of this price difference, buying tires during the winter is smart since it will save money in the long run.

What Month Is The Best Time To Buy Tires?

As a general rule, October and April are the best months to buy tires.

These are the end of periods when people tend to buy new tires. Dealerships and tire stores tend to be overstocked then, so buying during this time is smart since it is when dealerships are likely stocked up on tires.

Buying new tires at this time will also be beneficial since it is when car manufacturers produce tires that are designed to fit the U.S. roads and weather conditions, so this is a good time to buy since there will be low demand for these kinds of tires at this time.

Buying Tires In April

In April it’s time when tires that are spring and summer relevant are sold. If you live in a place in which things are going to be hot, you want tires with the ability to take the heat generated by the hot roads. You will also want to consider using terrains to walk on trails.

Weather conditions where you live can help you select the best tire for your area so choosing a tire in April is prudent. For a vehicle in which you intend to hike, the buying of tires for this trip is smart, especially for backpacking and use in rough terrain in the summer months, particularly in hot areas.

Buying Tires In October

During the summer tire companies start to purchase seasonal replacement tires needed for winter tires. You must purchase winter tires as soon as possible. Manufacturers lower prices and provide great deals because they know the competition is fierce.

You can save some money purchasing at discount tire shops and using customers who have started to shop there.

You may need to change your tires to ones with more traction for driving through snow in winters also need to be accounted for. Be sure to get ready for some amazing deals in September to make sure you only buy tires that don’t cost you anything.

The Best Time Of Day To Buy Tires

It can be beneficial to buy tires at night because it is then that dealerships and tire retailers tend to restock their inventory. The time leading up to closing will likely get dealerships and tire retailers to restock their supplies, so it is smart to buy tires during this time because dealerships tend to be more willing to negotiate then.

The best time of day to buy tires is at night when dealerships are likely stocking up on inventory.

What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Buy Tires?

Tuesdays are the best day of the week to buy tires, as dealerships and tire retailers tend to negotiate more aggressively on this day. Since a lot of businesses try to end their week strong by selling quality tires, it is smart to take advantage of this trend and buy during the middle of the week.

Although Mondays are also a popular time for shopping and buying new tires, it is best to avoid this day because dealerships and tire retailers tend to be less willing to negotiate.

The best day of the week to buy tires is Tuesday when businesses tend to sell their entire inventory for a strong end of the week.

What Is The Best Time To Buy All-Season Tires?

The best time to buy tires is when they’re at their cheapest. All-season tires are most affordable then because fewer people want winter tires in the summer, and that means you save money too!

Do you already have tires but want to keep the same model? With summer rolling around and winter not far behind, now’s a great time to buy those wheels too, as these two seasons usually coincide with big discounts for upgrades.

Tires and wheels can be bought year-round of course, but prices rise and fall depending on demand and availability throughout the seasons. It’s best to go ahead and pick up what you need whenever you happen to be shopping, as waiting could cost you more.

Do Tire Prices Go Up In Winter?

Around Christmas, prices tend to increase. Nonwinter tires can be cheaper in climates with less or no snow. After Christmas prices can fall, though.

How Do Tire Prices Fluctuate By Season?

The most convenient time of year to buy tires is October (Snow Tires) and April (all-around season Tires). The most dramatic change is the increase in wait time for booking appointments during the busiest seasons.

November in some cases can be the better month to get tires for a Black Friday coupon–but generally, sales on necessities like tires aren’t common. In spring people would think that spring is a slow season if there had been a slow summer in the tire trade.

In summer when school is closed and summer vacation starts, there may be appointments available quickly for tire installations.

Plan Your Tire Purchase

Monitoring your tires can help you keep track of potential problems like flat tires, burst from worn tires. Tires that function well improve safety and go where you want. If you look ahead at available tire sales you’ll find the best available tires online or from a local tire shop directly.

It will be well worth investing in dependable spare tires and accessories to keep your vehicle going at best in terms of the performance of your auto and its life expectancy at its greatest. Get new tires before any problems arise and plan before they get worse.

Buy Tires Before You Need Them

Highway Safety Administration warns drivers should change their tires every 6 to 10 years. This can prevent you from getting stuck in an unsafe situation.

When you’re going to purchase new tires, you won’t know for certain whether you can afford to buy new tires. You can avoid emergency situations when you learn several tricks to help maintain your tires.

You probably want to learn how to alter one and purchase the other tools required to do one. It is important to have the right tools and a good plan on changing your tire soon enough. Having to pay to tow and then for new tires would not be enjoyable.

Tire Tread Wear Indicator

You can see the tread wear indicator at about 2.5 inches below the surface. When the tire tread wears out and becomes level with this level the tire is repaired. A tire wear indicator can also be checked.

The Penny Test

Insert a penny in the tire tread hole with Lincoln’s face facing you. If you can see all the heads on the tires, tire tread depth is under 2-3 1/2 inches from tire side to side. It should change tires. I can change the tires.

Always Ask About A Warranty

A good practice of buying larger is that the product you are purchasing has a warranty. If you buy your tires through a local dealer their services could offer free repairs.

You might be offered a lower price for new brakes if the defective ones have been used for a while. When you make your purchase request the receipt and warranty details. With the ability to get your tires fixed for free you’ll save your tire maintenance costs.

Ask about their policy and if you buy a local distributor ask about their repair services. This involves asking about your tire replacement policy.

Main Takeaways – Best Time To Buy Tires

The best time to buy tires depends on the type of tire you need. You should consider your driving habits when determining when is the best time to purchase new tires for your vehicle.

If you’re looking for a good deal, it’s always worth checking online retailers like Tire Rack and Amazon. They often offer discounts that are not available at retail locations or in smaller shops near home.

Spring and summer are seen as peak seasons for auto sales because people feel happier. It has been reported that they’re more likely to go out and buy things, including new tires. Buying tires in either of these seasons might be cheaper if you have patience, but buying them at other times of the year will save you more money.


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