Does Fix A Flat Ruin Your Tire? Tire Care Basics

Fix A Flat is a product that has become ubiquitous in the United States. It’s an aerosol can which you spray into your tire to fix a flat. The question many people have is: “Is Fix A Flat worth it?”

Most bike shops will tell you that they’re not necessary because there are other, cheaper ways to fix flats. However, if you live somewhere where cars and motorcycles are prevalent or if your commute goes over potholes and train tracks – Fix A Pits might be worth it for peace of mind! In this blog post I’ll share my opinion on whether or not this product is worth buying!

If you’re like me and ride your bike as a primary source of transportation, having flat tires can be especially annoying. Having to walk, wait for the bus, or take an uber eats into your time and leaves you feeling stranded. Fix A Flat is NOT meant for punctures (holes in the tire).

It’s only designed to repair a flat tire when air has escaped through a tear in the sidewall of your tire. There are many ways in which flats can happen, but a majority of them result from a tear in the sidewall. These tears can occur for many reasons:

The Fix A Flat spray is designed to seep into the tire through these cracks and help seal them up again so that you don’t have to walk around with a flat tire. In general it’s much easier to ride around with a flat tire than it is to walk.

Does Fix A Flat ruin your tire?

Fix a flat will not damage your tire. In fact, Fix a flat is what the tire manufacturers themselves recommend to keep your tires inflated between rides.

Fix A Flat is absolutely NOT meant for punctures or sidewalls that are not compromised – it will not help with these type of flats at all. 3/16″ cuts, holes, and abrasions only. However, if you get a flat that results from the sidewall tearing then Fix A Flat is designed to ensure that you get home safely.

If your tire leaks air slowly through some cracks, Fix A Flat may temporarily repair the leak while you’re riding on it. However, this type of product does not work overnight – it will only give you a handful of miles of life in your tire.

Yes. If you drive or ride frequently and you’re worried about having a slow leaking tire, then yes, it’s worth it to pick up a can of Fix A Flat . They aren’t that expensive (only like $5 at Walmart) and they’ll give you peace of mind. I’d recommend getting several cans at first, because they are stored best upright which means that if you store them horizontally more than half will empty on their own.

Having the Fix A Flat product is especially nice if your bike is out of commission for a time after it gets a flat tire. Because Fix A Flat repairs the tire while it’s still on your bike, you’re able to ride around with no downtime! This is especially convenient if you commute to classes or work – just carry around a can of Fix A Flat and you’ll be good to go.

Fix A Flat Fluid Is A Temporary Solution To A Flat Tire

Fix A Flat is designed to help you get home, not much further. It’s also only meant for repairing the tire you have which means that it will require frequent reapplication throughout your ride if your tires are leaking air slowly.

If you find yourself riding frequently and worrying about flats – taking care of these issues before they happen is by far the best way to save yourself time and money! It’s not that hard or expensive to invest in a bike pump, patch kit, tire levers, and an extra tube.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Car Flat?

A flat tire repair can be expensive if you don’t take care of it immediately. The price will depend on how badly the puncture or tear was, but a simple plug replacement is only going to cost $15-$30 (depending).

A typical service includes replacing any plugs that are necessary and applying glaze/ caulking material where appropriate.

The total price will depend on how many plugs are needed and if the tire has to be removed from the vehicle. It’s generally around $20-30 per tire, so a full set of tires would run around $100 – but you won’t need to get them fixed for a while! Keep in mind that your tire is completely repaired so it should last you a long time after the professionals fix it.

How Long Does Fix-A-Flat Work For?

Fix-a-Flat should be removed within 3 days or 100 miles (whichever one comes first). In the can of course has a much longer shelf life than this and will stay fresh for 2 years from its manufacture date.

When the tire is flat, pressure builds up inside. As you drive or ride, that pressure becomes heat – sometimes hot enough to create a blowout if the hole isn’t large enough. Fix-a-flat should be applied as soon as possible after a flat tire for maximum benefits.

Fix-a-Flat is meant to be a temporary solution since it will not repair the tire when you have a slow leak. If your flat tire needs permanent fix, a patch or replacement is a much better option than trying to keep adding Fix-a-Flat in hope that it will work.

Main Takeaways – Does Fix A Flat Ruin Your Tire

Does Fix A Flat ruin your tire? It can, but there are ways to avoid it. The easiest way is by using a sealant that will fill the hole and not allow air to escape from inside of the tire. This sealant lasts for about 3-5 years before needing an additional application. Another option would be adding a plug kit or replacing what’s been lost with gas until you have time to take care of your tires properly at home or in a shop.

Fix A Flat is a temporary solution only meant to give you enough time to get your tire repaired. It will not last long and will require frequent applications throughout the ride until the hole closes up from the inside or sealant has been applied. Fix A Flat is also not designed for small punctures so if you have a slow leak, adding this product will not help you.

Fix A Flat also only works on the tire you have and is not meant to fix or replace what’s been lost. This means that it does not repair your tire when it has a slow leak, which can prove to be quite frustrating for those who commute regularly. This keeps reapplying Fix A Flat during their ride which is a temporary solution at its finest!

Fix A Flat also has a limited shelf life and expires after 18 months from its consumer date. It’s not just the product that changes, but even the cans can expire causing loss of pressure or lack of effectiveness. It’s for this reason that it’s important to know Fix-A-Flat will only for in your tires or on your shelf for up to two years and that is is. So that the product in your garage does not go bad before you can use it.