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How Do Mud Tires Work For Snow Driving?

Can You Use Mud Tires In The Snow?

The short answer: mud tires are actually even less capable in snow than a lot of all-terrain tires. … When driving on mud tires in snow, compacted snow and ice will eventually fill in the wide channels between the tread blocks and the tread channels that otherwise give mud tires their phenomenal performance off-road.

Are AT Tires Good For Snow?

Fortunately, no. Many modern all-terrain tires can give you advanced traction over snow, especially deep and unpacked one. Moreover, you will also benefit from better traction for off-roading than standard winter tires, and tougher and more durable construction.

Mud Tires Vs All-Terrain In Snow

If your vehicle has mud terrain tires, you may think you’re ready to drive in the snow. Both mud and snow, after all, make it harder for your tires to grip the road or the ground below. Although it may seem like a smart idea, this is why mud tires can never be used in the snow.

In the consistency of mud versus that of snow and ice, there is a profound distinction. The deep channels of your mud tires make for a continual grip on the ground when plowing through a muddy field. And more liquid than snow and ice is what comes out of those channels.

On your mud terrain tires, snow will pack into those deep channels and decrease traction. The surface of your tire is almost like a racing slick when the channels are fully packed. You can go from less traction to zero traction if you touch the ice. In order to read some real horror stories, type’ mud tires in the snow’ into the search box of your favorite off-road forum.

A perfect choice for the winter months is a collection of mud and snow tires. Look for the “M+S” sign on the sidewall of the rubber. In order to remain flexible in cold weather, the rubber used for mud and snow tires is specially formulated, and the deep channels in the tread are built to soak up the snow and ice, sending it off the sides to keep the channels clean for what’s next.

Much better for snowy driving is what’s known as “winter tires.” Look for a mountain with a snowflake in the center instead of an “M+S” on the sidewall. For extreme winter weather conditions, these tires are specially constructed.

Snow Chains Are Cheap Insurance

The last choice is to wear mud terrain tires on your vehicle during the year and when you drive in the snow, use tire chains. Chains provide optimum traction, which is why when chain controls appear on mountain road signs, the warnings read, “Chains required, mud and snow tires allowed.”

Winter weather will take you by surprise most of the time, depending on where you live or travel. They’re in your car when the chains aren’t in your car, ready for the moment that you need them. With a little practice, as easily as the pros do, you can get comfortable taking the chains on and off your car.

You’re obviously the outdoor kind if you’re using mud tires on your car. The most flexible choice to get you where you want to go is chains, so you can enjoy all the winter weather brings.