The Hercules Terra Trac AT2 Review – Your New Favorite Tire

An all-season tire that lives up to its name. This tire is loved by all that buy it. Use it for snow, off-roading, or daily driving, and you will be happy. It is quiet, confident, and long-lasting. The Hercules Terra Trac AT II is simply a solid tire.

If you are not familiar, Hercules founded in 1952 is owned by Cooper. They are made in the US and China. The Terra Trac AT II is made in China. But the quality of manufacturing in China has improved over the last few decades. Worries should be minimized with Hercules Warranty.

Hercules Terra Trac AT2

Their warranty is solid – 2 years or 50% tread wear for free replacements. The tire is designed to grip in slippery conditions. This means it is a softer rubber that can dig in more than harder rubber tires. This also means softer rubber wears quicker so it won’t last as long. They rate this tire to last 60k miles. That’s a lot for its diversity.

But Hercules adds silica to the tread so it slows tread wear. This is crucial to better performance AND longer tread life. So basically more bang for your buck.

The tread is more aggressive than a normal on-road tire. As they want it to perform well in off-road conditions with limited use. You don’t get tractor performance, but you won’t feel like you’re driving on ice after a few minutes of rain.

If you are a weekend warrior and you want to drive your Jeep Wrangler from your weather-controlled garage to the hills with a quiet and smooth ride these tires are a top choice. They will get you through any weather condition with a lot of control. That is their main selling feature. And for around a hundred bucks a tire you really are getting ahead.

The look of this tire screams off-road monster, but it’s not loud on the freeway, and it won’t slip and slide and wear out after one season.

With any larger tire balancing may be an issue. Tire shops may want to charge a little bit more to balance them.

Buy if:

You want a “go anywhere, do anything” tire that won’t break the bank.

Skip if:

You want a tire that does one specific thing better than most.

Written by Mud Flap

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