What Are The Best Cheap Mud Tires For Trucks?

Can you use mud tires for street driving? Knobby tires are not ideal for driving at higher speeds. In fact, some are not even street legal. They are designed for driving slower on uneven surfaces. They have rubber teeth that want to dig in and move the truck booty.

Using mud-terrain tires for towing can work excellently.

The Best Cheap Mud Tires For Trucks?

  1. Cooper Discoverer MTP $150

  2. Firestone Destination M/T2 $200

  3. Cooper Discoverer STT Pro $160

  4. Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Radial $260

  5. Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 $200

  6. Toyo Open Country M/T $190

  7. Milestar Patagonia M/T $130

  8. General Grabber X3 $150

  9. General Grabber AT3 $200

  10. Nitto Ridge Grappler $180

Racing tires are slick and do not even have tread. They are designed to grip a lot while providing smooth driving with maximum control.

these tires are specifically designed for off-road conditions where loose soil, jagged rocks, mud and sand are prevalent. Mud-terrain tires ride rough, are very heavy and hard to balance. On roads, they would provide a noisy, uncomfortable and difficult to handle the ride. Short trips on roads are okay, but long trips are a definite no-no.

You should use mud-terrain tires in the conditions they are meant for. On concrete and asphalt, the tires will wear faster because of the softer rubber compounds, although they do grip better. When you drive them exclusively on loose soil, muddy roads, and jagged rocks, they’ll last as long as all-terrain tires.

Are Mud-Terrain Tires Noisy?

Yes. That’s because air gets trapped and released repeatedly in the grooves of the tire as it rolls along. If your mud-terrain tires have a directional tread, they’ll be noisier with greater wear. The non-directional tread will be less noisy with wear, in comparison. But it will be noisy compared to other types of tires.

Do Mud-Terrain Tires Affect Gas Mileage?

The aggressive tread can hurt gas mileage as it increases rolling resistance, so your vehicle stays planted. If you are planning to use mud-terrain tires for the road, be sure to have your tires inflated properly. Lower inflation can lead to lower mileage, not to mention greater wear.

Can I Drive Mud-Terrain Tires In The Rain?

Depending on what roads you drive them on. If you’re driving on well-paved asphalt or concrete, you may find it difficult to handle in the rain. Getting your old mud-terrain tires siped will allow you to have a better grip on the road without damaging the tire. Then you can use them on the road in wet and dry conditions without having to worry too much about losing traction. But it’s still preferable to leave your mud-terrain tires for off-roading.

Are Mud-Terrain Tires Good For Snow?

Driving in snow is very different from driving in the rain. If you live in areas with heavy snow, you need a tire that digs into the surface and expels the load from its grooves. Mud-terrain tires have a tread design with lots of spaces in between compared to all-weather or all-season tires. Deep snow, slush, and of course, mud pose similar road conditions which shouldn’t be a problem for these tires.

Using mud-terrain tires to tow can work great. So what are some of the best cheap mud tires for trucks?

1. Cooper Discoverer MTP

Cooper Discoverer MTP Tire Review

The Cooper Discoverer MTP has been available in the market for a few years already. And it has already gained popularity as one of the best tires you could equip your vehicle with; owing to Cooper’s often cited insistence of making durable tires that will make you go the distance.

For heavy-duty use on all types of rough terrain, the Cooper MTP has you covered. This Cooper MT model utilizes the latest engineering for superior off-road driving while maintaining more than capable on-road performance. The price is also a bit lower than many of the other top tires in class, making it a good value overall.

Key Features

  • Shoulders are large to enable better traction and handling
  • Siping to increase traction on wet roads
  • Grooves allow increased responsiveness and handling on mud


  • Traction on rugged surfaces is excellent
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Performance on light snow conditions is very good


  • Tire becomes increasingly noisy at high speeds

2. Firestone Destination M/T2

best cheap mud tires for trucks

The Destination M/T2 from Firestone makes the list due to its excellent performance both on and off-road.

Firestone Destination M/T2 is one of the best mud terrain tires, for its ability to tackle the various elements and provide a comfortable driving experience. Firestone has designed the tire with a tread block pattern that allows it to have a strong grip on all surfaces.

Mud and snow traction is outstanding, and this tire cleans out as well as any other model in this class. On road comfort and drivability is equally impressive. With a longer than expected tread life, this tire is a serious contender for anyone looking for new MT tires.

Key Features

  • More biting edges to increase traction on snowy surfaces
  • Mud and debris ejectors to increase tread life
  • Sidewall to protect tire from damage


  • Handling and stability is excellent on all surfaces
  • Driving on straight roads and highways is very comfortable


  • Prone to wearing out easily
  • Can become noisy over time

3. Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is the tiremakers latest release that has replaced the original Discoverer STT.

The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is designed to handle the most extreme driving conditions and surfaces that the driver has to negotiate. Boasting a beautiful tread design pattern that will warrant second glances, this is a tire ideal for SUVs about to tackle rugged landscapes.

It delivers outstanding off-road traction and performance due in part to its Armor-Tek3 carcass construction, yet it delivers a smoother and more comfortable ride on the highway than many tires in this class. As other drivers have mentioned… this tire rocks.

Key Features

  • Tread pattern designed to reduce noise output
  • Shoulder lugs incorporated to increase the traction in mud and sand
  • Debris blocking design to increase the useful life of the tire


  • Aggressive and aesthetically pleasing design
  • Off road capabilities are excellent
  • Low noise output making for a pleasant drive


  • Durability is questionable

4. Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Radial

Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Radial

The Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Radial is another best mud terrain tire, which offers excellent off road capabilities with the ability to power through mud and rocky terrain.

Combining aggressive off road performance with well-mannered highway capabilities is what you get with the MT Baja MTZ Radial. The tire features unique Power Ply sidewalls with a third angled ply that helps in preventing punctures, as well as giving it increased handling and pulling power. Radial construction provides a smoother the ride on the highway.

Key Features

  • Advanced tire construction to provide good mileage
  • Lugs designed to increase traction in snow and mud
  • Biting edges to increase tire protection and afford more grip


  • Amazing off road capabilities
  • Performance on dry roads make for a pleasant driving experience
  • Performance on light snow surfaces far above average


  • Tires become loud with use

5. Pro Comp Xtreme MT2

Pro Comp MT2 Radial

Pro Comp is known for their line of tough as nails off-road tires and the Xtreme MT2 is arguably one of their best. Tri-ply construction in the sidewalls deliver excellent puncture protection, while alternating scalloped shoulder lugs dig into dirt, mud and rock for enhanced traction. With its two-step tread blocks and added silica the MT2 offers increased stability and braking, this mud tire is right at home on the highway as it is off road. There’s also a 40K mile tread warranty included.

The Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 justify their price by offering a design built to enhance the performance of your SUVs and pickup trucks. Load and deliver goods and equipment over long distances on roads and on the trail where mud and rock surfaces would unleash disaster on the average tire.

Key Features

  • Siping to improve handling on wet roads
  • Tread block designed to enable better breaking ability
  • Sidewall to prevent tire damage and increase tread life


  • Performance on loose soil and slick surfaces is phenomenal
  • Dry road driving is comfortable
  • Durable and solid build quality


  • Tire noise output is an issue

6. Toyo Open Country M/T

Toyo Open Country MT

The Japanese manufacturer enters the list of best mud terrain tires, with a design that seeks to synchronize the comfortable driving needs of a city driver, along with the traction and grip requirements of a driver with a knack for off-road driving.

The Toyo Open Country MT has been a popular choice with off-road enthusiasts for a few years now. It’s also a great choice in tires for those living in rural areas and needing dependable traction year round, including snow and ice. This Toyo mud tire has a three-ply sidewall and scalloped lugs for added protection and excellent traction. The tread is computer-optimized to minimize road noise and make it one of the quietest MT tires available.

Key Features

  • 3 Ply polyester construction to increase durability
  • Tread block design that allows for better traction
  • Siping to increase steering on wet surfaces


  • Traction on dry road and mud surfaces is fantastic
  • Tire performs well on light snow surfaces


  • Tire durability is a concern, tread wear is evident with use

7. Milestar Patagonia M/T

Milestar Patagonia M/TFor budget-minded drivers, the Milestar MT is one of the best performing lower cost tires available today. Its off-road traction is impressive in all areas, while it handles itself quite well on the street. This model is a sleeper among other MT tires and one that is a solid value as well.

The Patagonia M/T by Milestar is another tire featuring a stunning tread pattern, that doesn’t compromise its ability to perform in harsh conditions. The 3-Ply sidewall design allows the tire to survive against impact, whilst the built-in stone ejectors keep debris buildup to a minimum.

Key Features

  • Tread design that increases useful life
  • Biting edges that provide added traction on all surfaces
  • Siping to improve performance on wet roads


  • Stirring good looks
  • Performance on rugged and mud terrain is outstanding
  • Low noise output allowing for a pleasant driving experience


  • Tread wears out quickly

8. General Grabber X3

The super aggressive General Grabber X3 is a maximum traction off-road tire that isn’t shy about its capabilities. The X3 here stands for extra traction in dirt, mud, and rocks. This is one of the most capable mud terrain tires on the market right now, thanks to the off-road tread compound with a high void symmetric pattern. The Grabber X3 also has evacuation channels for clearing mud, and the proprietary DURAGEN technology for outstanding toughness and durability.

The off-road ability here is paired with very good on-road comfort. The ride quality is one of the best in this category, if not the best, while noise is not an issue at urban speeds. On top of that, the Grabber X3 also offers reliable and safe driving experience in dry and wet conditions and good stability at higher speeds. That said, traction on packed snow could be better.


  • Excellent off-road traction
  • Surprisingly good on wet and dry surfaces
  • Outstanding snow traction
  • Improved fuel efficiency


  • Not the most durable all-terrain tire

9. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

Best Mud Tires for Street Check Price


  • Outstanding off-road abilities
  • Extremely durable and strong
  • 50,000-mile treadwear warranty
  • Very good on-road traction


  • Far from the quietest all-terrain tire

If you ask off-road enthusiasts and SUV owners to tell you which all-terrain tire is the best, you’ll probably get BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 as the answer. This is a tire that works on almost every slippery surface, including gravel, rocks, sand, and mud, but one that also doesn’t sacrifice in terms of on-road dynamics.

Thanks to the racing-derived tread compound that’s also cut, chip and tear-resistant, and the Sidewall Armor, the BFGoodrich KO2 is the toughest all-terrain tire on the market right now, with treadwear warranty of 50,000-miles.

The high-void all-terrain pattern, on the other hand, ensures that the driver gets all the traction he/she needs in extreme off-road scenarios, such as mud.

The same tread is also computer-optimized for better on-road dynamics, unlike most competitors. The innovative siping helps immensely in rainy conditions, while the interlocking tread blocks give the BFGoodrich better stability and grip.

Overall, this is one of the safest all-terrain tires for on-road driving. It grips the road very well, it is stable at higher speeds, and it also brakes very well. Unlike most all-terrain tires, this one also comes with the 3PMSF symbol, which means that it’s better for snow driving.

The BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 is also very comfortable on the street, almost on the level of a highway tire. However, while it’s certainly not loud, some competitors are quieter on the highway.

10. General Grabber X3 $150

The Grabber is a new all-terrain product brings with itself few advancements that immediately launch it into the upper echelon of the segment.

The TracGen technology with an open shoulder design and traction ridges makes the tire outstandingly usable for off-roading. Right now, the Grabber AT3 has one of the best mud-terrain performances of any other all-terrain tire.

Furthermore, the ComfortBalance technology makes the Grabber AT3 very usable on the road. On the road, you’d be hard-pressed to notice that this is an all-terrain tire. There is almost no vibration at highway speeds and the ride quality is plush. Noise is well-suppressed, too.

When it comes to handling, the Grabber AT3 again performs very well. Responsiveness is good and there is a lot of grip and traction over dry and wet surfaces. The biggest advantage of the AT3 compared to the older model is the improved snow traction. Now, the Grabber AT3 is very usable for winter driving.

General Tire even promises better fuel consumption with the new model and we have no reason not to believe them. However, they don’t mention anything about treadwear warranty, and we’ve seen some owners already complaining on accelerated wear.

11. Nitto Ridge Grappler

Best Mud Tires for Street


  • Very good off-road traction
  • Smooth and quiet for an off-road tire
  • Safe and reliable on the street


  • No treadwear warranty

The Ridge Grappler is a tire that according to Nitto combines the best of their all-terrain and mud-terrain technology, and that luckily translates into real life. Thanks to the staggered shoulder lugs and shoulder grooves, the Ridge Grappler has very good traction in mud, and it is able to clean itself from it. Traction on dirt and rocks is also strong, and the Ridge Grappler even comes with stone ejectors.

Nitto also promises a smooth and quiet ride on the road, thanks to the variable pitch tread pattern. While we can confirm that this is really the case in real-life scenarios, we aren’t as happy with the handling performance.

The Ridge Grappler is completely usable on the road and provides a safe driving experience, but it sadly doesn’t come with any treadwear warranty.

Bonus: Atturo Trail Blade XT

Best Mud Tires for Street


  • Excellent off-road capabilities
  • Tough and durable
  • Responsive and stable on the road
  • 45,000-mile treadwear warranty


  • Noise, even at lower speeds

The Atturo Trail Blade XT is one of our favorite multi-terrain tires simply because it combines the best stuff from all-terrain and mud-terrain tires. In off-road scenarios, the Trail Blade XT is much better than every all-terrain tire, and it even matches some cheaper mud-terrain tires.

Made in collaboration with Quartermaster Knives, this tire simply cuts into mud, dirt, and rocks. It is also very durable and comes with an excellent 45,000-mile treadwear warranty.

On the road, the XT is as responsive as most all-terrain tires, very high praise for a multi-terrain one. Traction, grip, and braking are very good in dry and wet conditions, while high-speed stability is top-notch. However, even though the Trail Blade XT is comfortable over bumps, noise is an issue even at lower speeds.

Why Buy Mud Terrain Tires?

If all-terrain and mud-terrain tires don’t cut the mustard for you, then multi-terrain tires might be another great option. These tires are a bridge between the previously mentioned tire types. In other words, they offer better off-road traction, strength, and durability than all-terrain tires and better on-road capabilities than mud-terrain tires.

Of course, this also means that multi-terrain tires are worse in terms of on-road dynamics when compared to all-terrain tires, and worse for ultimate off-road traction than mud-terrain tires. However, due to their nature, we think that multi-terrain tires might be an excellent option for people that want reliable and safe driving on the street, without sacrificing too much in off-road ability.

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